Books in Paradise #11

This time I only got ebooks (two bought and two gotten for review). Well I haven't thought I would be such a kindle-'junkie' ! 

ღ Be Witched - H.P. Mallory | goodreads
ღ BeSwitched - Molly Snow | goodreads
ღ Bundle of Trouble - Diana Orgain | goodreads, author
ღ The Riddles of Hillgate - Zoey and Claire Kane | goodreads, breezy reads

I read 2 books and 1 short story:

ღ My Soul To Take - Rachel Vincent | goodreads
ღ Strange Days II - Fred Ink | goodreads
ღ A Ghoulish Valentine - H.P. Mallory | goodreads

Upcoming Reviews:

I added 4 books on my wishlist:

ღ Als die schwarzen Feen kamen - Anika Beer | goodreads
ღ Winterling - Sarah Prineas | goodreads
ღ most of Zoe Winters' books | goodreads

By the way I decided to post not any read schedule because I'm not really good in planning my to read list for the upcoming week!


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