Black Short Monday #6 ~ Cat Fight

Black Short Monday is a brand new feature by Stephanie from Books Paradise. Mondays are definitely black. I thought what could I do to make it better. In the last time I consistently read short stroies, novellas or something along those lines and what lends itself better for reviewing those stories as a black monday? - Right, a black Monday!

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Short Story:Cat Fight
Author:Zoe Winters
Anthology:Kiss me, Kill me
Genre:Paranormal Romance
Published:February 25th 2011
Format:Kindle ebook
Websites:Zoe Winters | Goodreads
My copy:bought by myself

Blurb: Cat Fight takes place in Zoe Winters' "PretVerse". Greta is a cat therian (shifter). She's been involved with Dayne, a local sorcerer since she sought his protection from her murderous tribe. After a fight, Greta shifts into cat form and refuses to come back out.

My thoughts: I like it very much. It was an amazing short read and I want to read more about Zoe Winters' cat therians this is why I added some books of her on my wishlist. Well, Zoe Winters writing style is excinting, lighthearted and full of chocolate - damn! Greta loves chocolate and it's the truth to say she would die for it - me too. And her boyfriend, a sorcerer, knows that... As the name implies Cat Fight is an typical 'fight' for a cat and greta is exactly like a cat, when she shifts to her cat form. Everyone knows about cats: A dog has an owner. A cat has staff! So you can imagine how does the story runs approximately. Highly recommended.



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