Looking Back, Season's Greetings and best wishes for the New Year!

Hey bookish guys,
Looking Back at 2011 (how time flies - it's unbelievable!) it was a wonderful and exciting year. When I started book-blogging in February 2011, I haven't thought I would read more than 100 books this year, but I did! YEAH, I'm very happy and by the way I didn't think I could have so much fun.

I've been extremely busy lately, my two children are rocking my life and their little chubby hands constantly want to grab my books. In fact it isn't a problem, but my daughter (2,5 years) has that marked preference for blowing books into little bits as soon as you turn your back on her. But some guys already now I love changes and I will made some awesome changes in 2012: One big change will be to read and review more English books than German ones. Another change will be some new weekly / bi-weekly features and a lot more...

Season's Greetings

I love christmas and I love the Rocking Around the Christmas Tree song by Brenda Lee. This is why I decided to start a new seasonal feature on From Books Paradise: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree! But for this year it will be impossible for me to run this feature I just did not have enough time. So I'm sorry. But there is no reason to be sad, because in 2012 this feature will start on December 2nd 2012 and end on January 6th 2013. So let us rock!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Best wishes for the New Year

And last but not least I do have a lot of New Year's Resolutions as every year. I'm going to post about them on New Year's Eve after I watched "Dinner for One" - It's a must!

If we won't read us on New Year's Eve, 
I wish you a Happy New Year by now!


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