When Saturday Comes

What a first week...! I'm so frustrated. Yesterday I wanted to shop some new books but I didn't found ONE. There was nothing!

Okay, to be honest there were some books which sounded okay - good, but them were too expensive. Buying books was always fun, but now... The prices have risen, just in paperbacks. So, this is why I have to go the hole hog! That means: Expensive books I will borrow in our library or maybe I will buy a used one and if a book is amazing I will think about it twice and buy it for my shelf. 
I do not know, why books are so expensive now, but it makes me angry. From now on I will order the most books at TheBookdepository.

Okay, let's go to happier things: Do you know "Indoor Playground"? Is that the correct translation? I don't know, Butter there are many play structures, bouncy castles and a lot more attractions for Kids from 1-12 years. Today we went to such a playground and we had so much fun. It was fantastic and the kids so tired in the evening. ;-) We will visit it again and again and again in the next time.

Have a nice weekend!


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