Black Short Monday #13 ~ Winter's Kiss

Short Story:Winter's Kiss
Author:Melissa Marr
Anthology:Faery Tales & Nightmares
Published:February 21st 2012
Publisher:Harper Collins
My copy:bought by myself

My thoughts: I loved it. Winter's Kiss is such a cute story. Nesha is a girl, a princess, who has a special power but it's likely a curse to her.

Princess Nesha was happy -- but for one thing. Nesha had within her the kiss of winter. When she sighed, her breath rolled out in an icy chill. When she blew a kiss to her father across their great hall, frost flowers formed on every dish.

This is the reason why she had to leave her home and going to colder lands to protect her own people. On her journey she meets an ice-bear. The ice-bear is lonely too, so they decided to be lonely together and travel through the forest to the icy-bear's home.

The story is well-written and charming although the story is very short. In comparison to the first short story of Melissa Marrs Faery Tales & Nightmares it's completely different. And I'm looking forward to the next stories.

BSM is a feature exclusively titled by Stephanie from Books Paradise. Mondays are definitely black. I thought what could I do to make it better. In the last time I consistently read short stroies, novellas or something along those lines and what lends itself better for reviewing those stories as a black monday? - Right, a black Monday!


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