Black Short Monday #11 ~ Blind Sight

Short Story:Blind Sight - A Story of the Mirus
Author:Kait Nolan
Anthology:Kiss me, Kill me
Genre:Paranormal Romance
Published:February 25th 2011
Format:Kindle ebook
Websites:Kait Nolan | Goodreads
My copy:bought by myself

Blurb: Isla's ability as a Seer has made her a life-long captive of a paranormal crime lord. Fae assassin, Ransom, offers her a chance at escape, but when she touches his hand she sees only blood, horror, apocalypse. What reason can Ransom have for wanting to rescue her, and can she possibly trust a man who deals in death?

Okay, pissing of assassin by denying him the job...probably not the smartest thing you've ever done.

My thoughts: This version of Blind Sight is not the current version. But you can get the current version for free. In Kiss me, Kill me the story stops without another vision and this is why the story of this anthology is a bit boring and I can only reccommend that you should have to read the current version. (You can get it HERE.) Blindsight is an awesome short story of Kait Nolans Mirus series and I really liked it. It seemed to be an interesting series, with a lot of paranormal creatures and a cracking good story. This is why I added the first two novellas on my basket.

BSM is a feature exclusively titled by Stephanie from Books Paradise. Mondays are definitely black. I thought what could I do to make it better. In the last time I consistently read short stroies, novellas or something along those lines and what lends itself better for reviewing those stories as a black monday? - Right, a black Monday!


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