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Welcome to from Books Paradise - the bilingual* book blog on the block. Please feel free to take a look around and just have fun. Thanks for visiting my page.

*English & German Reviews

Some facts about this blog

It started with an private blog, by Stephanie the blogger from Books Paradise, in November 2010. After some stressful years without enough freetime to read any book, Stephanie was very unhappy, because she loved reading. Then she had made a New Year's resolution (to read one book per month, at least) on New Year's Eve 2010. To make sure to stand to the rules she began reviewing in february 2011 with her first written review on her then favorite author Petra Hammesfahr. In fact of Stephanie's private blog it should be a blog for her and her reviews. But then she found out reading books as an exciting hobby and since that time she had became a totally bookaholic. Only a few month later she renamed her blog as From Books Paradise. A blog only for her books.

She was reading and writing all day and night and loved it so much. But her babies became older, her free time got more less and in Summer 2012 Stephanie had to deal several blows.
From Books Paradise went silent.
No more posts.

September 2013

More than a year has passed since Stephanie has changed her whole life. 16 month of finding one's feet. She has learned a lot and she is 'older and wiser' than before. It was a long way to re-find herself and so she had to shelve all her hobbies. There was no more time to read, no more time to draw and no more time to create anything. Due to the fact that FBP has a big time problem, this blog will have some changes in the next time. Stephanie will add a bit of her other hobbies on the blog and she's going to make more short reviews or something along those lines.

Meet Stephanie from Books Paradise

Hi bookish friends,

my name is Stephanie. I'm a 29 year old German bookaholic with a passion for reading Urban Fantasy novels. But I do enjoy Horror, Mystery & Suspence and good Chick Lit novels too. My addiction to books isn't necessarily healthy, but I love it so much, I can't help me. I'm totally obsessed with "bodyrocking" too. It's a kind of a special fitness home workout movement. On my free time I also enjoy reading, painting, doing handicrafts, bodyrock and shopping.

You can also find me hanging out here


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